Testing Equipment

Three coordinates

High precision

CMMs use advanced measurement technology to accurately measure the size, shape and position of a workpiece. Its high-precision measurement results ensure product quality and production efficiency


The CMM uses a computer control system, which can automatically carry out measurement, calculation and data processing. This reduces human error and increases measurement efficiency.


CMMs can be applied to a variety of different types and shapes of workpieces, including parts, assemblies, plastic parts, rubber parts, etc. It can be applied to different industries and fields and has high versatility.


The CMM can record the measurement data of the workpiece and generate a measurement report. This data can be used for product quality control, production process monitoring, and product traceability.


The CMM uses a sophisticated mechanical system and stable measurement technology to maintain high-precision measurement results over a long period of time. At the same time, it can also detect defects and problems in the workpiece, find and solve problems in time.


CMMs can quickly measure large quantities of workpieces and generate accurate measurement reports. This can increase productivity and reduce costs.


CMMs are highly flexible and can be customized and upgraded for different measurement needs. It can also be used in conjunction with other equipment to achieve a more efficient automated production line.


It has the advantages of high-precision measurement, wide wavelength range, versatility, high temporal resolution, non-destructive testing, high sensitivity, real-time monitoring, high resolution and programmability.

X-ray detection equipment

High detection accuracy

Radiographic inspection is able to detect subtle defects inside an object, and for some surfaces that cannot be detected, it can be found quickly and accurately.

The detection speed is fast

The inspection speed of radiographic testing is relatively fast compared to other non-destructive testing methods, generally only taking a few minutes to hours, which can meet the rapid inspection needs of industrial production.

The test results were comprehensive

Since the ray can penetrate the object, the radiographic inspection can detect both the internal and external defects of the object, and the inspection results for the whole object are relatively comprehensive.

The detection has a wide range of applications

Radiographic inspection is suitable for inspecting objects of various materials and sizes, regardless of the shape of the object.

Carbon and sulfur analyzer

The carbon and sulfur analyzer has the advantages of high carbon, low carbon and high sulfur, low sulfur automatic switching, resistance furnace and high frequency furnace switching, high sensitivity, stable performance, accurate and reliable analysis results, wide measurement range and wide use, etc., and can quickly analyze the carbon and sulfur content in solid and fluid materials such as steel, cast iron, copper, alloys, ores, cement, ceramics, carbon compounds, minerals, coal, coke, petroleum, ash, catalysts, lime, gypsum, soil, rubber, leaves, soot, garbage, sand, glass and other solid and fluid materials.