High precision

The machining is controlled by a computer program, and its machining accuracy and repeatability are excellent. There will be no deviation and error in the operation of CNC equipment, which ensures the accuracy and stability of the processed parts, compresses the range of machining errors, reduces waste costs, and improves the profits of enterprises.

Good value for money

The machining process can complete the production tasks in large quantities, high speed, high precision and high repeatability, thereby reducing the manufacturing cost and time and improving the competitiveness of the enterprise. At the same time, the application range of machining is very wide, whether it is metal materials, plastic materials or composite materials, various processing purposes can be achieved through machining processes.

Good reproducibility

In machining production, the processing program can be repeated indefinitely, which ensures the quality stability of the product, and for the mass production process, it can greatly improve the consistency and standardization of the product, and reduce the error caused by the difference in the operator’s personal skill level.


Machining has a very high degree of adaptability in terms of materials and shapes. Different shapes of objects, different types of materials can be realized by adjusting the machining program, even precision holes and protrusions can be accurately machined, which is very suitable for various industrial fields and application fields.