Sand Casting

Low cost

Sand casting is a simple and economical casting method, compared with other casting methods such as die casting, precision casting, etc., the process and equipment costs are lower. Materials such as sand molds and molds used in sand casting are inexpensive and easy to obtain, and can be reused, greatly reducing costs.

High production efficiency

Sand casting is suitable for high-volume production, which is one of the reasons why it is widely used. The casting production process is simple and efficient, and the time required for sand casting is short, which can easily cope with the needs of mass production.


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Strong adaptability to production

Sand casting has the characteristics of strong adaptability and can flexibly respond to different production needs. Molds and sand molds can be changed as needed to adapt to a variety of different product forms and quality requirements. Under different production requirements, the quality of the cast products is stable and the replicability is good.

The surface finish of the product is high

By choosing different sand materials and using an appropriate casting process, castings with a high surface finish can be obtained. In sand casting, a layer of fine sand particles will be left on the surface of the sand mold, and this layer of sand particles will be polished after the casting is cooled to obtain a very beautiful and smooth surface.




A variety of metal materials can be cast

Sand casting is suitable for casting a variety of metal materials, including iron, steel and various alloys. In sand casting, the mold can flexibly adapt to different kinds of metals by adding sand particles of different compositions, so as to obtain different structures, properties and surface quality.

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